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Some Great Saratoga Resources

I thought I would take this opportunity to pop up some of the online resources that I have found that are great for Saratoga Campaign Perry Miniatures – You have to select AWI Articles in the drop box at the top and you will find “simply the best ever” wargamer’s reference for the British troops […]

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Brunswick Grenadiers

While I’m showing grenadiers, here’s the Brunswick contingent. This unit was created from the grenadier companies of the four Brunswick regiments.  Two of the regiments had formerly been one unit, so they wore the same uniform still.  This lead to only three uniform variations in the converged unit.  I enjoy painting a unit more if […]

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Acland’s Grenadier Battalion

Keeping with the theme of painting the Saratoga forces, starting with Hubbardton, next up for the British was the grenadiers from the Advanced Corps.  This unit was made up of all the grenadier companies from Burgoyne’s forces and a few other regiments. I really enjoyed painting up this battalion.  I have found that units with […]

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The First English Commanders

These were the first commanders I made for the units.  I decided to go with a 3cm round base, as the unit bases are 3cm x 6cm.  I use litko 3mm wooden bases, and I’m very happy with them.   Many people use thinner bases for aesthetics, but I choose to go with a chunkier base […]

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Patriot Militia

This is the first post exclusively in the new blog software.  I have to say that this WordPress stuff is fantastic.  I do miss the total control that I had previously excecised, but I’ll give that up for the ease I have now. Here is my first unit of Patriot Milita.  They were a joy […]

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24th Regiment of Foot

I have finally painted my first real Brits. I decided to paint up the 24th Foot. This unit allows me to get going with my first battle, Hubbardton, and still use them in the rest of the Saratoga Campaign. I found the Baccus British Line Infantry – Tricorne, Formed AWB1, to be great models painted […]

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I have previously stated that I want to concentrate on the Saratoga Campaign as it: is close to home is interesting to me contains battles that will allow me to build my forces and still play has battles fought by the Green Mountain Boys! I plan to build up my forces so I can fight […]

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The 2nd New Hampshire

After receiving my first new AWI troops from Baccus, I wanted an easy first unit, enter the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment. These guys are the bog standard patriot unit. Their appearance is well documented and their flags can still be photographed live. I really like the way they turned out and think the unit is […]

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Osprey Disappointment

Ok, so my first real Osprey disappointment was Soldiers of the Revolutionary War. I loved what they had to tell me about the SYW, but I found this book to be pretty rubbish. I suppose the plates are OK, but the text tells very little useful information as far as uniforms go. It would be […]

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the American Revolution

Next up are a few books on the period. Don’t laugh at me, but i did find The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the American Revolution, which is a very good book for a beginner. I find it contains a lot of straight forward info and is a great place to start. The author is a […]

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