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24th Regiment of Foot

I have finally painted my first real Brits. I decided to paint up the 24th Foot. This unit allows me to get going with my first battle, Hubbardton, and still use them in the rest of the Saratoga Campaign. I found the Baccus British Line Infantry – Tricorne, Formed AWB1, to be great models painted up. However I also found them to be the toughest to paint so far. Now this is still a compliment, it’s just the bar is raised so high by the great models from Baccus. They just seem to take more twisting and turning to get the paint in all the right spots, compared to the patriot infantry I have painted so far. Still, they look great on the table.

24th Regiment of Foot

I made the flags for these guys myself. I typically order some Baccus flags at the beginning of a project to get the size right, then create my own from online sources after that. I used images from the British Regimental Drums & Colours site,(a great resource) popped them in Photoshop and then reduced them at 300 dpi to .75 in x .35 in. I also found the flag staffs on the British Line Infantry to be too short, much shorter than the patriot units I have painted.

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