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Patriot Militia

This is the first post exclusively in the new blog software.  I have to say that this WordPress stuff is fantastic.  I do miss the total control that I had previously excecised, but I’ll give that up for the ease I have now.

Here is my first unit of Patriot Milita.  They were a joy to paint.  I really enjoyed mixing up the colors and found it broke up some of the monotony of painting large units.  I think the end result is pretty cool.

The flag is a Baccus Grand Union flag.  I used this flag as I have one hanging from my house.  I have always liked this flag and find it useful as my wife is British and the flag is a nice combination of  US and UK flag.  It is the first official flag of the Colonies, but was quickly dropped.  It seems a great place to start for Militia flags, as they can be almost anything.  It also allows me to use this unit for Patriot or Loyalist units due to the ambiguity of it.

If you are a painter and an American, I don’t think you can help but feel a little pride in painting patriot militia units.  I think it’s pretty amazing to think that these farmers and tradesmen formed up to oppose a great European power.  You kind of come to this realization as you are trying to pick out colors to use that DON’T look like uniform colors.

Good stuff, and I’m happy with the results.

3 thoughts on “Patriot Militia

  1. These are quite nice. I too enjoyed the challenge of painting some different colours. Hubbardton is an interesting game with the converging forces (a pincer movement hat actually worked out!) and a bad defensive deployment. I look forward to your game report.

  2. I think you succeeded in making them look non-uniform, and I really like the look. Thank you for sharing yet another job well done.

    1. Thanks, I wanted some consistency in colors but distinctly non-uniform. I have another unit that I painted similarly, but using grey for brown.

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