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Some Great Saratoga Resources

I thought I would take this opportunity to pop up some of the online resources that I have found that are great for Saratoga Campaign

  • Perry Miniatures – You have to select AWI Articles in the drop box at the top and you will find “simply the best ever” wargamer’s reference for the British troops and German Troops in the Saratoga Campaign.
  • Saratoga – Battle of Freeman’s Farm – A true feast for the eyes, a battle report with British Grenadier rules that really should be checked out.
  • Saratoga Order of Battle – From the magweb, a great reference to start with.  Lot’s of painting and numbers info for you.

These few things should get you pretty far with the campaign really.  Of all of them, the Perry site is really unrivalled as a resource for gamers.  I look forward to when they cover the US forces (if they plan to).

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