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The First English Commanders

These were the first commanders I made for the units.  I decided to go with a 3cm round base, as the unit bases are 3cm x 6cm.  I use litko 3mm wooden bases, and I’m very happy with them.   Many people use thinner bases for aesthetics, but I choose to go with a chunkier base so the models could be picked up easily.  I don’t think it hurts the aesthetics, but that’s a personal opinion.

I also went with two officers on a base, so they weren’t over crowded.  One of these bases is a generic general with blue facings that can do duty in any game.  The other base is Frasier from the 24th Regiment of Foot.  I choose him for one of the first as he can be used most of the Saratoga games.

I plan to continue painting certain personalities along with generic commanders to keep things flexible.  At 6mm, and during the AWI, it’s not hard to make swapable commanders.  In the SYW when commanders are much more identifiable, this was more of a problem.

These models are the same SYW Genrals from Baccus, so I have painted a few before.  There are differences between Commanders and Generals in the rules, only one General per side.  I thought about putting Generals on larger bases, perhaps 4cm round, but I have decided against it as it will limit their utility.  For instance, Frasier is the General at Hubbardton, but only a commander at Freeman’s Farm.

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