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Standards and Colors of the American Revolution

When I started putting SYW units together I just picked out a picture from a uniform plate that I figured was a standard Prussian infantryman (I was wrong) and slapped on a flag from a sheet that I purchased from Baccus (the 15th Regiments, cause it looked cool/different). It was only after a few weeks […]

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11th Massachusetts Regiment

This is the last regular unit left that saw action at Hubbardton.  I couldn’t find any specific information on this unit so I painted it up as a generic Mass regiment.  One nice thing about the uniforms from this war is that there is a set of generic combinations you can use for each state […]

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Gaining Even More Mass

After my last post, I wanted to show an even larger grouping of figures.  This is now 4 of my units at 72 men apiece, roughly 300.  This is a fairly average size for a unit in the field during the Saratoga Campaign. Click on them for a much larger image! …and from another angle… […]

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Gaining Mass

With my choice to double my previous SYW unit size and go with 72 figures in a unit, I think I am getting the effect I started out to achieve.  With a nuber of units on the board, it is starting to look more like a battle as opposed to some unit markers. I have […]

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Warner’s Additional Continental Regiment

This is a unit that is near and dear to me as a Vermonter, even if it is my adoptive home state.  I wanted to do this unit early on, but not as my first unit because I wanted to work the bugs out of my painting first.  I really like the way they came […]

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Wow! Long Time, No Post

I just checked in after quite some absence.  I see it has been since the end of September for the last post.  Holy Shit!  I need to get going.  To be honest, I became a little disappointed in the project as there were only two comments on the blog and there were very few views.  […]

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