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Gaining Even More Mass

After my last post, I wanted to show an even larger grouping of figures.  This is now 4 of my units at 72 men apiece, roughly 300.  This is a fairly average size for a unit in the field during the Saratoga Campaign.

Click on them for a much larger image!

300 Man Unit
300 Man Unit (1)

…and from another angle…

300 Man Unit (2)
300 Man Unit (2)

Quite nice to look at in my opinion.  I have twice this amount painted up in my Patriot forces alone, and could field around 600 Patriots and 600 British/German troops.  I like to think that if I had someone painting an opposing force I could play Hubbardton, Cowpens, or Eutaw Springs at 1:1 very easily.  I would like to go for something like this eventually.  But for now, I’m on my own and I’d just like to get a decent size battle on the field.

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