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Standards and Colors of the American Revolution

When I started putting SYW units together I just picked out a picture from a uniform plate that I figured was a standard Prussian infantryman (I was wrong) and slapped on a flag from a sheet that I purchased from Baccus (the 15th Regiments, cause it looked cool/different). It was only after a few weeks of research that I discovered that these things really were of any significance.

So when I started with the AWI, I wanted to get it right from the beginning.  I asked a lot of questions on TMP and the main answer that I got was, “No information is available, do what you like.”  I wasn’t satisfied with that and finally got a recommendation for a book to help out.  This is my opinion of that book.


Standards and Colors of the American Revolution by Edward W. Richardson. This book starts around $50 (US) and goes up from there.

I began to look through it and found a lot of the information very useful.  It is primarily black and while with a large color section in the middle.  It covers the Patriot side in the most detail, with some info on British Flags, not to much past the basics.  French and German flags are given rudimentary treatment, almost in passing.  The vast majority of the descriptions are textual rather than pictorial.

While it doesn’t even come close to comprehensive coverage on the forces involved, it does talk about trends and give some ideas to the types of flags that “could” have been carried.  I found this helpful, but not to the point where I would suggest anyone but the most hardend grognard would need this book in their collection.  Most of the flags covered in detail can be found online.  I always thought there had to be more info out there than what I could find online, but I was wrong.

So, at $50 minimum, I think I would pass on this book.  There is some good info in the book, but not quite enough to justify the expense.  I think the greatest thing I gained from this book was the confidence to make my own flags for units without known flags.  Something not easy to do when you are used to the Seven Years War plethora of information.

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