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Warner’s Additional Continental Regiment

This is a unit that is near and dear to me as a Vermonter, even if it is my adoptive home state.  I wanted to do this unit early on, but not as my first unit because I wanted to work the bugs out of my painting first.  I really like the way they came out.

Due to the nature of the disputed land between New York and New Hampshire, the Continental Congress couldn’t authorize a “state” unit from the area called Vermont without choosing sides in the dispute.  So an “additional” regiment was created under Seth Warner, as voted by the Vermonters who made up the unit.  Warner beat out Ethan Allen to head this group, that was previously known as the Green Mountain Boys.  Most historians say this unit would not be known as the GMB’s, but anyone from Vermont knows they were the Green Mountain Boys.

The took part in a fair bit of the Saratoga campaign and no campaign army would be complete without them.

So, here are the Green Mountain Boys.

Warner’s Additional Continental Regiment

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