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Don Troiani’s Soldiers of the American Revolution

I was saving this for a later date, but the cover isn’t availible for the book I wanted to review.

Soldiers of the American Revolution
Soldiers of the American Revolution

Don Troiani’s Soldiers of the American Revolution is a fantastic book.  This book not only covers the uniforms involved by has pictures of many different objects carried by the soldiers of the day.  This allows you to get a feel for the period as well as the uniforms worn.  Troiani is a truely gifted artist and the fact that he is also a historian really brings something special to his work.

If there is a downside to this book, it’s that there is minimal coverage.  It seems he has cherry picked some of the most well documented units for display.  However the fact that few units are covered is the only fault of the book.  It is more than made up for by the amount of other information on artifacts of the time.

As a uniform book goes, the artwork is top-notch but the coverage is week.  As to it’s quality as a reference book for the period go, it is top-notch all the way!  If you are an avid history nut, this book is for you.

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