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Indians Sir, Thousands of Them!

Well, 110 of them anyway.  I have been working on these troops for quite a while now and continually meant to take some pictures of them to post, but never really got around to it.  These are the first “skirmish” troops that I have posted.  I use 12 figures to a base rather than my […]

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Uniforms From 1775-1783 American Revolution

Properly entitled An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms From 1775-1783 American Revolution: An expert in-depth reference on the armies of the War of the Independence in North America. That’s a mouthful.  This is one of the newer uniform references available to modelers these days. I have been very happy with the purchase.  I was excited to […]

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6mm Napoleonics – A Great New Blog

I popped 6mm Napoleonics in my RSS reader a few weeks ago and have been pleasantly surprised ever since.  This guy can paint well and has a talent for photography and explaining things. I’m a bit of a Napoleonic Voyer.   I love looking  at them but the task of painting anything for a Nappy army […]

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British Light Infantry

As part of Fasier’s Advanced Corp, the Light Battalion saw action at Hubbardton and both Battles of Freeman’s Farm.  These guys were great fun to paint.  I love the units that mix up uniforms.  The tough part is to pick a reasonable mix and ratio that is accurate enough to keep you happy and still […]

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Taking Photos of 6mm Figures

When I started my first blog I had to ask my wife (the family photographer) quite a few questions about how to work the camera.  There isn’t a great deal of information on the net about taking pictures of miniatures, and what you can find is sometimes very vague.   I thought I’d pop a post […]

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New Galleries

I finally changed my galleries from the eye-sore ones that I used previously. I found a new plug-in that makes them easier to use and a fantastic lightbox type plug-in. I hope you like the new ones. I also discovered why I haven’t been taking many pictures lately. I have been painting like mad for […]

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Stick with the Red Coats

As I near completion of my Saratoga Campaign project, I have been getting itchy feet for a new period.  I will not abandon AWI, but would like to expand my painting to cover two periods at once.  I don’t really fancy going back to 7YW yet as it still fills the same niche for me […]

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Ooops, I finally did it!

I have read on line many times about a gamer that goes to put the final coat of spray varnish on his figs and grabs the wrong can.  I alway think, “What an idiot.”  Well, last night it happened to me.  I have painted a few units of Indians for my games and decided to […]

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