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6mm Napoleonics – A Great New Blog

I popped 6mm Napoleonics in my RSS reader a few weeks ago and have been pleasantly surprised ever since.  This guy can paint well and has a talent for photography and explaining things.

I’m a bit of a Napoleonic Voyer.   I love looking  at them but the task of painting anything for a Nappy army just scares the crap out of me.  I did order some of the Baccus French figs a few years ago, but thought I would wait for the French to get the redesign before venturing into the period.  I think they are some of the earlier ranges produced and don’t really stack up to the current models coming out of Baccus which are just GREAT.

2 thoughts on “6mm Napoleonics – A Great New Blog

  1. Thanks for the plug 🙂

    Lovely pictures on here and some good resources as well. AWI is pretty high on my list once I get the Napoleonics finished. I’ll be checking back.

    1. “Once I get the Napoleonics finished.”
      Wow! I won’t hold my breath! Stop typing and get painting.

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