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British Light Infantry

As part of Fasier’s Advanced Corp, the Light Battalion saw action at Hubbardton and both Battles of Freeman’s Farm.  These guys were great fun to paint.  I love the units that mix up uniforms.  The tough part is to pick a reasonable mix and ratio that is accurate enough to keep you happy and still looks good.

My main reference for this was the EXCELLENT resource made available by the Perry’s on their site.  It is called BRITISH TROOPS IN THE SARATOGA CAMPAIGN, by Brendan Morrissey.   Due to poor design, you have to select AWI articles from the drop down and then choos the British option.  I can’t say how fantastic this article is for anyone interested in this campaign.  It’s everything the painted needs to know, served up on a silver platter.

The interesting thing about AWI Brit LI is that they have these horse hair crests on their hats and they can be many different colors.  Good luck figuring it out, the article from the Perrys is the only place I’ve ever seen someone try to even hazard a guess.

I had a lot of fun with this unit, I just wish they had carried a flag.

British Light Infantry

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