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Ooops, I finally did it!

I have read on line many times about a gamer that goes to put the final coat of spray varnish on his figs and grabs the wrong can.  I alway think, “What an idiot.”  Well, last night it happened to me.  I have painted a few units of Indians for my games and decided to change the way I did it and make them more colorful.  So I finished with the first unit and then go to coat them and…grab the wrong can and spray a thin coat of white over them.  At 6mm, this can obscure quite a bit of detail.  I wanted to get a picture of them.

Here are both sides of the figures, you can see that one side is much more vibrant than the other.

They should be finished during next week and I will post pictures of them and my other two units all at the same time.

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