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First Ever Attempt At Terrain

First House Ever
First House Ever

Ok, don’t laugh at me, but I have had my first ever try and creating some terrain.  These are PaperTerrain 6mm European Buildings, and they are fantastic.  I have built quite a bit of 15mm stuff for my previous WW2 project.  The 6mm stuff is quite a bit easier to build as it’s not as detailed.  I literally built these while sitting on the couch while my wife watched Supernanny.  They build fast and look great on the table.  They are also VERY sturdy when glued to a base.

I took more pictures than this, but they were terribly out of focus.   This picture has a stand placed infront to show scale, but I’m not happy with the depth of field.   I will take more and put them up.  I want to show the destroyed buildings that come with every PaperTerrain building, just pull off the outside layer and reveal the destroyed building below.

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