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Here Come the New Yorkers

This is the first New York Regiment that I have created, so it represents my first step outside of New England.

The 4th New Yorkers had some pretty distinctive uniforms and I imagine they are pretty well documented as they show up in most collections of plates.  They wore with uniforms with black caps, rather than tricornes.  If you are priming your 6mm figs with white, this unit is a breeze to paint. It probably took 20% off the total painting time.

I had a little fun with the flag as I couldn’t find any references for it.  One of the great things (and at times frustrating things)  about the AWI is that you have a lot of latitude due to lack of information.  I got tired of trying to figure out the flag with this unit, that they got a Yankee’s symbol.   Now that I’m posting it, I see that I put the roman numerals for 3 on the flag rather than 4.  I’ll have to change that soon.

The 4th New York Regiment

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