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Hubbardton Troops

I finished these troops a while ago, but haven’t taken the time to take the pictures.    Recreating all the units that fought at Hubbardton was the first goal I set for the blog.  Well, here are the Patriot Forces.  The Brits are finished and just awaiting photographing.

I’ll talk about the first photo in the gallery as the rest are just different angles on the same troops.

First we have Seth Werner on the command stand.  Behind him are the Green Mountain Boys then the 2nd New Hampshire Reg.

Next is Col. Francis on a command stand.  Behind him is the 11th Massachusetts and a unit of Vermont militia.  Last are the two units of militia that refused to go to the battle when ordered.  They will make an appearance in my scenario.

Speaking of the scenario, I should have it published on the site in a few weeks.  I will most likely double the number of regiments when I work out how many units, ie every regiment will be represented by two units on the table top.  This will make the game more dynamic, and is a necessary mechanism for an interesting battle.

The Hubbardton Patriots

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    1. Thanks for popping that up AD. I ran into it a long time ago, not sure why I haven’t used it more. I do most of my reading in bed or on the couch. I tend to use the computer more for looking, if that makes any sense.

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