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Hubbartdon’s British Troops

I have already posted the Patriot troops, so it’s about time the bad guys got their due.  The following units represent the British OOB for the Hubbarton conflict. I’ll describe the units in the first picture below.

Out front is the commander Brigadier Frasier.  Next is the 24th Regiment, behind them the grenadiers, light infantry, and Natives/Canadiens.

Bringing up the rear is von Riedesel followed by his Brunswick troops.  First the grenadiers and then the light infantry.

Hubbardton’s Brits

2 thoughts on “Hubbartdon’s British Troops

  1. Troops look GREAT! What rules set are they based for??

    1. I have been using two for tea, but I received black powder for Christmas and I think that ia by far the way forward.

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