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New Terrain Mat

I just recieved my new terrain mat from   It seems ok, I’ll write more about it later, but I have been wanting to post some pictures of figures that weren’t just on display.  Here are some figures as they would appear in the wild.  They are larger than the pictures that I usually post as they are greater in scope and need to be, so be aware of that if looking at them on a slow connection.

In Front of the Farm

2 thoughts on “New Terrain Mat

  1. Nice blog and nice work mate. Do you mind if I link your site on mine? What rules do you use for your games? Can you get a few battle reports on your site? They are always a good read.

    Regards, David

    1. Thanks David,

      I use the Two for Tea rules available for free download at Wargames Journal. Link. I am working on building up my terrain to get a decent lot of pictures for an After Action Report. I feel they are pretty tedious without nice pics to go along with them.

      Please link away! I’ll pop a link to your site The Wargaming Depot here for others to take a look. I’ll give it a thorough going over tomorrow!

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