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Painting 6mm Militia

When I was ogling over the Baccus range of AWI figures, I did a lot of searching online for other AWI 6mm sites and found Howe’s About That Then!.  It seems he made a great start on a resource then stopped, but what is there is really useful.  I particularly liked the part where he tells his method for painting militia.  I will take his work and expand on it here.

The varied appearance of the militia can be a dilemma for someone like me who likes a system for everything, heck when you are painting 72 figures at a time you need some order, even when those figures are only 6mm high.

Baccus makes a fantastic militia pack with lots of character.  They are tied for my favorite pack with the Continentals in tricorne.  With these figures in mind, it’s time to pick out some colors.  How’s About That Then! recommends

Chose two colours for each figure on the strip: one for the coat/waistcoat and one for the trousers. For example, Fig 1 = buff/grey, Fig 2 = dark brown/tan, Fig 3 = green/buff, Fig 4 = tan/red-brown.

I think this is a fantastic start, I used this and came up with the following Vallejo color scheme.  First color is for the coat, second color is for the trousers.

  1. buff / light grey
  2. tan-earth / german camo medium brown
  3. dark green / buff
  4. saddle brown / tan-earth

While I paint them in the same order on every strip I start from a different place on each strip.  Sound confusing, let me explain.  I start with number 1 on the first strip, on the next strip I start with number two, on the next number 3 and so on.  See the diagram below.

Mixing Up the Militia
Mixing Up the Militia

I continue this pattern throughout all 6 pop sickle sticks of troops in one of my units.

A number of troops in the unit are only in their shirts, this allows further break up of the pattern.  I paint the shirts on these guys with Ivory as suggested by the Howe’s site.  Then I paint their pants the color required from the pattern.  These are also the only troops in my whole army that don’t have black hair.  I paint these troops with dirty blond or brown hair.

After these few randomizations, it’s off to paint the troops like any other unit.  The only thing I would do differently is paint the belts a light color for dark coats, and a dark color for light coats.

The end result is quite a tidy little unit with a random but unified appearance.

End Product

As a recap, here’s my process.

  1. Undercoat in grey
  2. Paint the shirts ivory
  3. Paint the rest of the troops with the scheme refered to earlier
  4. Paint as normal from here.

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  1. Thanks for the plug!

    Site has stalled thanks to a (now) 11-week old daughter. Had too much decorating to do before she was born so all toy stuff had to stop! Hopefully I can begin again over the summer (although thinking of rebasing to 30×30 which means additional figures…).


    1. I hear you Jef, when the twins were born I stopped my SYW project and didn’t pick up a brush or even read for about 8 months. All free time was spent sleeping or thinking about sleeping. Enjoy your little one.

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