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Yorkers, Spartans, or Romans?

I was trying out a few different eras/wars to see what sparked my interest in January.  I have usually been doing a lot of painting when this happens, and I start to loose a little interest in the current project.  It’s a month later now and I’m back in the saddle with AWI now, but I wanted to get this out there.

I read a number of Osprey titles on The War of the Roses, Ancient Greece, and Rome.  I did some serious reading on The War of the Roses, but after around 4 books, I still didn’t know who was a Lancastrian or a Yorker?  Still very interested in the period, but knowledge of the subject is important to me.  I enjoyed my reading about Ancient Greece, but sheildwall-esqe type of battles don’t really interest me in the long run.

Finally I found a website, Geektactica, that inspired me to try the Romans.  With a British wife, I decided to work on the Romano-Galic conquest/rebellion type period (that’s a working title, until I know more about the period).

So at this point, I include some Roman Legionnaires, Early Imperial I think, with my last order from Baccus.  They were pretty great as far as quality it goes.  They paint up like a dream!  I really think you could have a great looking mass of these troops in no time.  I used four basic colors on them and that’s it.  You can get shield transfers, but that increases the cost another .5 times and I don’t see the point for 6mm.  I just painted some uniform shapes on them and went with it.

Here are the test models.  I think they are best viewed from a few inches away.  I see that my closeups are not flattering with the metallic paint.

I’m not sure I’ll still be into this period by the time I’m actually ready to start another project.  But I’ll have them on the back burner.  I want to finish this project and see if I need to make any fundamental changes in the way I do things.  IE, I suspect my bases may be too large to allow manoeuvre on a 6ft x 4ft table.  If so, I’ll have some thinking to do.

2 thoughts on “Yorkers, Spartans, or Romans?

  1. They’re not bad at all, perfectly good for gaming. I tend to find if you get too bogged down with turning 6mm’s into minor master peices it defeats the entire object of collecting 6mm in the first place (ease of painting).

    Word of advice though – try a thinly watered down black ink was over the armour. It’ll serve to weather it slightly and give it a wee bit of definition.

    Kind Regards


    1. Thanks for the comment. I could easily work with these, after you see around 70 of them on the same base, any imperfections blend in.

      I am avoiding the use of any sort of wash at this scale. I have seen others use it to great effect, unfortunately, I don’t have the talent. I also like a bright looks so they are able to be seen from table height.

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