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Litko Frustration

I am looking for a new base provider.  I placed an order with Litko Aerosystems, Inc. on the 9th of April.  It is now the 28th and after an email to customer service (which was very polite and informative on their part) I find out that it may take four weeks to ship, then there’s […]

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A Bit of a Break

I will most likely leave my “Top Wargaming Blogs” suedo-poll open for another week, then I’ll do a post with the results.  After that, I’ll take some time off.  There are a few reasons for it.  I have tried numerous times to get some feedback to see what people would like to see more of […]

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Top Wargaming Blogs

What are your favorite wargaming blogs?  There are many out there, but there are fewer good ones? What makes a blog a “good blog”?  I would say: Regular updates (how many sites come up, get four posts in a month, then lay un-attended for months on end?) Useful, relevant content to you.  The type of […]

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Enoch Poor’s Brigade

I have been waiting a while for this.  So far I have been concentrating on getting pictures on the blog for Hubbardton as that was a manageable engagement to paint and create a scenario for.  I have been hard at work for quite some time now and am weeks away from finishing the troops needed […]

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IE6 Help

For those of you still browsing with IE6, it’s time to upgrade, really.  If you have come here with IE6 you will see my little message everytime you arrive. I don’t recommend this for sites trying to sell something, but I feel like I’m doing my best to help rid the net of this blight.  […]

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Saratoga by John F. Luzader

SARATOGA: A Military History of the Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution by John F. Luzander is quite simply the best book on the campaign that I have come across.  It reads very easy and goes into just the right amount of detail that it’s useful but doesn’t bog down the story. I finally understand […]

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More Pictures From The Visit

Just a few more pictures from the visit.

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Visit to Saratoga National Historic Park

This weekend I was going to the Lake George area with my family for a family get away. I made sure to add a precondition that if we went that close to Saratoga we had to drop by the battlefield.  So the kids turned out to be to skinny to play at the waterpark for […]

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Hubbardton Scenario Released

Now that the April Fools is through, on with business. I just posted the newest scenario in the downloads section.  It’s a simple little Hubbardton scenario.  The battle was fairly staight forward and so is the scenario. I would like to make a plea for feedback on these scenarios.  Even something as simple as spelling/grammar […]

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I painted my 2,500th 6mm musket yesterday and finally snapped. In a fit of rage, I threw the entire unit against the basement wall. I said to myself, “Self, THAT felt REALLY good.” I then sought out the storage bins where I keep the finished figures, dumped them on the floor and proceeded to jump […]

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