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A Bit of a Break

I will most likely leave my “Top Wargaming Blogs” suedo-poll open for another week, then I’ll do a post with the results.  After that, I’ll take some time off.  There are a few reasons for it.  I have tried numerous times to get some feedback to see what people would like to see more of what just find out what they like in general, and most of it has been for nowt.

Taking pictures and posting takes time, and with little feedback there’s little motivation to keep it up.  I have tried to put up something interesting AT LEAST once a week, interesting is the hard part.  I have been painting like a freight train lately, and I feel the time will be better spent painting until I get a posting bug again.

Thanks to those of you who have posted, I really appiciate it.

2 thoughts on “A Bit of a Break

  1. I would like toknow how you tackle painting 6mm figures, they look impossible
    to get so much detailon.

    1. Sean,

      Check out my old blog, , I talk quite a bit there about how I go about painting them. Thanks for the interest!

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