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IE6 Help

For those of you still browsing with IE6, it’s time to upgrade, really.  If you have come here with IE6 you will see my little message everytime you arrive.

I don’t recommend this for sites trying to sell something, but I feel like I’m doing my best to help rid the net of this blight.  Happy surfing.

2 thoughts on “IE6 Help

  1. [rant]
    My god but do I agree with this! In fact, skip IE6, IE7 hell skip IE all together! 🙂

    I spend my days writing web apps for our Intranet and we’re still on IE6 and it’s a nightmare! I use Firefox for testing and then spend a few hours getting it all working in IE again.


    Andy 🙂

    1. I agree, but at least upgrading from a completely obsolete browser would be a first step. I mean, c’mon, they’re two versions past IE6 now. It’s a pretty neat plugin, have you viewed it in IE6 to try it out?

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