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Litko Frustration

I am looking for a new base provider.  I placed an order with Litko Aerosystems, Inc. on the 9th of April.  It is now the 28th and after an email to customer service (which was very polite and informative on their part) I find out that it may take four weeks to ship, then there’s the shipping time to consider.  Now, I’m not an instant gratification type of guy (then I’d play video games rather than paint, right?) but this seems a little long to me, perhaps on the border of unreasonable.  Especially as I’m paying $6.20 for shipping, which seems on the high side.

If anyone knows of a place to get 3mm ply-wood bases in 30mm x 60mm or round, please let me know.  I’m a bit of a stickler for consistency, so I may be stuck.

4 thoughts on “Litko Frustration

  1. Dugal,
    Not sure specifically where you could get bases from (I get all mine from Baccus) but you have every right to be immensely annoyed with that at $6.20 postage. I’ve sent pretty heavy packages abroad from the U.K that have worked out far cheaper than that. I mean it’s only little bits of plywood.

    I had a similar experience with basing materials (resin bases) that I did for a painting commision last year; I got slaughtered for postage and it took a staggering 3 MONTHS!

    1. Thanks for the comment Rhys. I try to be understanding as I know that most people in the hobby business aren’t doing it for the sacks of money, but it’s disappointing.

      The high postage that get’s charged kills me too. Try looking at the rates charged by GF9! That’s an eye opener, it has stopped me cold from ordering from them.

  2. A bit sorry to hear about the time off from the blog as I have been following and finding very interesting. Like the Seven Years War blog this blog keeps me motivated in painting my own figures. I find that at times when I hit a wall with a project I like to move to another period for a few weeks. So for instance about a month ago I got a bit tired of the 18th century baccus stuff and moved to GHQ moderns for a few weeks. An interesting idea may be to add a new period sidetrack to the blog for a few weeks. I myself have been thinking big time about 6mm American Civil War Adler or probably more likely Baccus figures.

    A side note I share some of your frustration with Litko bases. I often wait about a month then send a follow up email before I get a note a few days later that the bases have just been sent out. Seems like at times they may forget? The product is still great however so let me know what you find for a substitute.

    Keep up the great work on the blog.

    1. Lekw, Thanks for the compliments. I’m not taking time off from my project, only posting to the blog. The project is going swimmingly and getting bigger all the time. I have finished thee units in the last week and a half, almost a personal best.

      In the past three months I have been thinking about another period, but I can’t decide. I have a soft spot for ECW, I have also devoured about 5 ospreys on each of the following periods during this time, ACW, Romans and Celts, HYW, War of the Roses, and Greeks and Greeks. Can’t make up my mind. I want something different than horse and musket I think, then I change my mind again. Oh well, some day I’ll actually purchase something and give it a go. Most likely in the summer as I’ve been very busy with sick children and teaching night classes lately.

      As far as litko, I did get resolution after emailing them, but I don’t feel I should have to. Makes me wonder how much a laser cutter is? Seems like a guy could give them a run for their money as far as the bases go.

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