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Saratoga by John F. Luzader


SARATOGA: A Military History of the Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution by John F. Luzander is quite simply the best book on the campaign that I have come across.  It reads very easy and goes into just the right amount of detail that it’s useful but doesn’t bog down the story.

I finally understand EXACTLY what happened at Bennington.  I have read the story of this battle from at least five different authors and never really felt that I could describe the action to someone else.

The author uses a great deal of haughty language in the early chapters and I wish I had some at hand to include here.  By the middle of the book the need for a dictionary to help understand what should be a simple description goes away completely.

My least favorite parts of the book are the detailed chapters on the conflict between Burgoyne and the British power structure and the infighting in the Patriot command.  This is no fault of the authors, it’s just that I personally don’t really care.

The factors in play on the forces involved are clearly explained and the battle are masterfully explained in the perfect amount of detail.  After reading the book, I finally was able to construct scenarios by myself.  Previously I had to rely on others’ understanding of events to figure out how to add flavor to the games.

If you only get one book on the campaign, this is it.

It was better than Cats!

3 thoughts on “Saratoga by John F. Luzader

  1. Hi, have to agree on the book. Really enjoyed it. Been a while since I read anything on Saratoga and it has piqued my interest although I’ll stay firmly in the South for the foreseeable! I agree re the sections on the ‘disputes’. Although it was good info and provided an insight into the what and why I felt that a lot of it could have been relegated to Appendices or covered more near the beginning as I felt it broke the narrative flow of the action (the main bit for me!).

    But overall I’d recommended it.

    Have you read Long Bloody and Obstinate yet? Another very good book!



    1. Andy,

      I have Long, Bloody, and Obstinate but it is behind A Devil of a Whipping in the list. I already have a scenario for Guilford Courthouse, but a Cowpens one is just begging to be written. I’m looking forward to it thought. My only reservation is that Whipping is turning out to be to detailed for me so far. I don’t like to get bogged down with needless details like the bio of every captain in a 1500+ man force. We’ll see I’m only in the first chapter.

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