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Top Wargaming Blogs

What are your favorite wargaming blogs?  There are many out there, but there are fewer good ones?

What makes a blog a “good blog”?  I would say:

  • Regular updates (how many sites come up, get four posts in a month, then lay un-attended for months on end?)
  • Useful, relevant content to you.  The type of content that is useful is extremely personal.
  • Lots of pictures, after all this is a visual hobby
  • Let me know if I forgot anything…

Use the comments section below to nominate a blog (or two) for inclusion in the upcoming list.  Leaving comments is easy and quick.

13 thoughts on “Top Wargaming Blogs

  1. I’d recommend Steve Jones’ blog

    He regularly updates, actually finishes projects (Aspern Essling was an immense achievement), and he’s a talented painter that produces attractive armies.

  2. The HMGS Mid-South Blog

  3. Not really a blog as far as I’m concerned but classed as one by other people so who am I to argue?

  4. This post shamed me into updating my blog 🙂

    Also I suspect Steve Jones is not a man, but a many armed painting robot hooked up to an internet connection.

    1. Jonathan, Shame is powerful stuff. Keep up the good work.

      Rhys, I agree about Steve Jones, I’m just disappointed that he’s shifted away from 6mm as I won’t be looking forwards to the updates like I was.

  5. No love for the House of War? Regular updates, tons of eye candy, pretty well organized, music and book reviews, a free video game, multiple eras and scales, AND filet mignon? What does a guy have to do?


  6. I think self-promotion is the only route available to most of us.

  7. Olicanalad’s Games
    Steve’s Random Musings…

    With an honourable mention to:
    General Pettygree (who’s on leave at the moment from the North West Frontier)

  8. I didn’t mention myself, but Land War in Asia is not in the same league really

  9. I think another aspect of any blog is being able to identify with the person writing the blog. Whether this is a shared interest in a particular period of wargaming/history or in some other way.
    I just discovered your blog about a month ago and your posts about your visit to Saratoga and the book recommendation really piqued my interest. I have only recently begun wargaming the AWI so I am always on the look out for book recommendations or any other suggestions for the period.
    It was also nice to see that you have a family. I know too many wargamers that wargaming and painting figures seems to be their entire life (It’s really sad). Being a father of three myself I could really identify with the frustration of seeing that redoubt in the distance, but it just wasn’t going to happen that day.
    If you travel quite a bit my wife and I run a business which sells products to help make traveling with kids easier, if your interested drop me an email and I will get a coupon code for you to use and provide the web address.

    1. Thanks for the comments Kevin. I was frustrated, but you get used to taking a back seat. I don’t know what I would do with limitless time and sacks of money. Probably just spend it all booze and women and waste the rest.

  10. Dang it! I forgot to nominate a blog. How about A Miniature History of the American Revolution. That is another AWI Blog I visit regularly.

  11. rgregory, I think Steve Jones is working on Waterloo in 6mm which I’m really looking forward to seeing develop (my knowledge of Napoleonic Austrians vs French is diabolical, but Waterloo does capture the imagination for me a little more knowing a bit about it).

    Lord Ashram; I’m a regular lurker on your blog… same with most of the others listed here. Love the War Gaming room; I think it’s the closest I’ve ever come to seriously contemplating interior design for myself… imagining the swathes of antique weaponary lining the walls and arm chairs for sipping fine whiskey in whilst contemplating my next move on the table top. The closest I’ve got to that at the moment is a rat infested garage with a leak in the roof, though via the power of imagination I can picture myself in more comfortable climbs (though when the rats are eating your leg it becomes more difficult).

    All the best gentlemen.

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