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British Forces for Freeman’s Farm

Finally some new pictures.  While I havn’t been posting as I needed some time to assess the amount of time I was spending taking pictures and blogging versus the feedback, I have been painting like a madman.  Well, like a madman for me, I’m a very slow painter. I finished all of the forces that […]

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Recently my painting pace has slowed, but with a great reason.  I listen to The D6 Generation while I paint (I highly recommend them for some great entertainment even if you don’t play the games they talk about (which I don’t)).  One of the games they talked about a lot was Carcassonne, and their wives […]

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Updated Project Size

I have not been on top of my project size page as I should lately.  I just updated it as I have recently passed the 2100th figure mark.  It seems very rewarding to get this far.  I am a completionist and would like to be able to run any scenario I would like without having […]

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Saratoga 1777

Saratoga 1777: Turning point of a revolution by Brendan Morrissey is a book that should have had a review when I first started this blog.  I think it’s just that getting the Osprey for a relevant subject just seems like a no brainer to me, it’s simply my first step in any kind of research […]

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