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British Forces for Freeman’s Farm

Finally some new pictures.  While I havn’t been posting as I needed some time to assess the amount of time I was spending taking pictures and blogging versus the feedback, I have been painting like a madman.  Well, like a madman for me, I’m a very slow painter.

I finished all of the forces that will be on the table for the British side in my Freeman’s Farm scenario.  This is 932 infantry, four command stands, and seven gun stands.  Quite a tidy little group if I don’t say so myself.

These are not my best photos as I’m still trying to work out the best way to take effective pictures of large groups of miniatures.  I have it down pat for small groups, but still a lot to learn.

9 thoughts on “British Forces for Freeman’s Farm

  1. As someone who paints at a snails pace I can only applaud you for the scale and attention to detail doing this as it would take me forever and a day to get that many bases done. Hats off to you sir.

    Now we need a few after action reports! (hint…hint…hint)


    All the best!

    1. Rhys,

      I assure you I’m a turtle rather than a rabbit when it comes to painting. I’m just very focused, and have young children, so no night life. I started this project las January, so this is a years effort.

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m working on a solo after action report as I’ve no opponents in the area. It’ll have to wait for the summer (2 weeks) when schools out.

  2. wow, that’s ace.

    1. Thanks Michael, I wish my photo skills were up to the job.

  3. It’s amazing how you can create that effect with 6mm minis. Great job!

  4. All I have to say is wow. The effect that 6mm gives is absolutely amazing. Great job!

    (p.s. I found your link on the Baccus 6mm page under links)

    1. Thanks Oliver! I really like it a lot. I’m working on some terrain now so we can see them in action.

  5. Where can I see the photos?

    1. Thanks for the heads up, they should be there now.

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