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carcassonneRecently my painting pace has slowed, but with a great reason.  I listen to The D6 Generation while I paint (I highly recommend them for some great entertainment even if you don’t play the games they talk about (which I don’t)).  One of the games they talked about a lot was Carcassonne, and their wives seemed to like it.  I thought I would give it a try, and I’m glad I did.

My wife is a very keen monopoly player (the game bores me to death) and we have played scrabble many times (she kills me) but not for years.  We mostly spend our “quality” time when the kids are in bed watching dvd’s as we have no channel reception on the TV.  I suggested we try the Carcassonne game and she VERY reluctantly said she would give it a try.  Now I knew she was just humoring me and had no interest in trying a “geek game” as she loving refers to them.

Well, I kicked her butt, but she wanted to try again.  In the first week we must have played seven games, all of them suggested by her.  This game is a winner guys, give it a try.  It’s gaming light for us, but you can get your significant other playing and it’s fun.

The game is a tile laying and puzzly type strategy game, but is great fun.  We have since ordered the two player only version, Carcassonne the Castle and are busy trying to get to grips with that.

Give it a try!  Only your painting will suffer.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. I’ve been desperately trying to find some sort of way of getting my other half even remotely interested in the hobby… and besides a strange fascination for scale model tress I’ve had no luck.

    I’ll give this a go!

    1. It works like a charm mate! I just recieved Agricola in the post today and we’re going to play tonight. It’s not staring across the field at another general, but it’ll do for an evening!

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