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VSF Prussian Test Models

I’m on a foray into some Victorian Science Fiction for a nice change from the historical.  I needed some dastardly opponents for my red coated Brits and who better than the Germans right?  Two world wars and one world cup and all that, what what!

What do you think of these?  Are they ready for service on Mars?

Prussian Test Models

I don’t want to use the regular Prussian uniform from the Franco-Prussian War as it doesn’t really do anything for me.  So I have put together my own little colonial uniform for them.  Khaki pants and a light gray tunic.  I can’t decide whether to go with a black helmet as per usual or a helmet with a cover on it (the one in khaki).  Opinions welcome please!

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Game Size

Megagame – A term used by H.G. Wells upon the invention of recreational wargaming, as documented by his chums. It usually means a larger than usual game that contains many participants. Usually a game that requires many participants to collections to pull off.

There, now it’s official.