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A Bit of Artwork…

I bought my daughter a “Step+by+Step How to Draw” book the other day as she is very talented for a five year old.  She doesn’t like trying to draw for the book, but she does great water colors of the drawings I make from the book.  I have really enjoyed the drawing as it’s something […]

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Beginning of the SYW blog

Originally Posted on April 4, 2007 For the past two years, I have been building a force of 15mm WW2 Hungarians and US Paratroops. (as can be seen here) Well, now I am bored sick of them. Everything is painted three colors in the period. Green, Brown, and Grey, that’s it, yes there are variations […]

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A Change of Focus

I have decided to expand this blog and in doing so, have made a few technical changes.  It was originally intended to be a Seven Years War blog, hence the part of the URL.  But, my focus changed between buying the domain and starting the blog.  Well, I’ve gotten back into SYW and added […]

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