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Martian Troop Test Models

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want my Martian uniforms to look like for my VSF project.  I have two martian factions aligned with either Britain or Prussia.  For the Prussian faction, they are primarily a puppet Kingdom supported by the Prussians.  They are a once great Empire that now has to depend on foreigners to pay the bills and supply the army with modern weaponry.  But I have struggled to decide on what color the uniforms should be.  I created these test models to help me decide.

This is a shocking orange and yellow uniform that currently holds my fancy.  I only painted one blanket roll as I’m not sure it adds anything to the model.

This is the more usual colonial sidekick uniform.

Here is the more “European Empire” type test model.

Any advice or criticisms welcome.

2 thoughts on “Martian Troop Test Models

  1. Hi,

    Nice painting. From where did you get the models?

    1. Thanks, is responsible for all the models on the site.

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