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Sharp Practice 6mm Test Models

I am currently nearing a finish on a three year old Kolin project and am starting to itch for new horizons.  I have wanted to get into Napoleonics but was intimidated by the uniforms for years.  Then I overcame that and couldn’t find the models that I liked.  My favorite manufacturer isn’t coming out with an acceptable French range for an number of years, and only has Peninsular forces available for the allies.  I’m a really big fan of the continental battles and Countries though.

Enter Sharp Practice.  I downloaded these rules on a whim and thought I could give them a read.  They seem fast and fun, which is what I’m looking for, but can they be done in my preferred scale of 6mm?  Well, I’m going to find out.  I’m going to try and put 4 x 6mm models on a base so my units will be 40-50 men as opposed to 10-12.  Everything should fall into place after that.  The Sharpe novels have given me inspiration and made me much more interested in the Peninsular war than I ever was before.  I previously had absolutely no interest in any thing British Napoleonic, but things change I guess.

Anyway, here is my first test with some leftover colonial brits I had lying around and a shot of them with some finished SYW bases.

I’m just trying to see what the figures will look like.  Do I need a smaller base?  Do they look ridiculous?  Do they need to be finished to tell?

2 thoughts on “Sharp Practice 6mm Test Models

  1. Would personalty go for smaller square bases like the seven years war ones

    1. I actually gave up on those completely and rebased all of my SYW officers on round bases. Not sure what it is about them, but I like the round ones 10x’s better.

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