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The Forces Arrive

Orignially Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The forces have finally arrived! A word on ordering from a different country, be prepared for a longer wait. Milites Miniumus was great to work with, everything came in bubble wrap in a box. I have ordered this scale or similar before and they just came in a padded envelope, so I was happy to see the box. The figs were also insured, so I had to pick them up from the post office, I think I’ll have them delivered to work next time.

The Whole Lot (minus the generals)

They don’t look like much like this. 6mm don’t come into their own until they are painted and ranked up on the table with multiple units.


On the left, are the Prussian Musketeers in the package. They come in packages of 24 strips of four “guys” each. Four of the strips being command strips with a musketeer, flag holder, pikeman, and drummer (in that order). On the right are the Prussian artillery, which I will talk more about as I begin to paint them. First things first, I want to start small and get it right.


These are the Prussian Infantry flags that Baccus sells. I have tried to take the picture in such a way as to not upset the owner. I believe the pictures gives you a good idea of the product without allowing anyone to produce flags from them.

I think these flags will be a welcome addition to the force. The amount of time it would take to research the flags and then draw them or paint them at 6mm scale, well I wouldn’t even try. (not yet) At $2.75 CDN, they are well worth the expense.

Prussian Flags

Now for a look at the figs themselves. First off, let me say, “Thank god I have a decent camera, because Holy Crap!! I forgot how small these are!”

Now that I have that out of my system, I am always impressed with the work that Baccus puts out. These are proving to be no exception. With the minor exception of trimming down a few bayonets and straightening them, there is no flash to remove at all. I tend to straighten their postures a little, as I feel this batch is leaning a little forward. But in no time at all, they are ready for paint.

Now before I set these guys up to paint, it’s time to paly with at the basing. I have read on the Might and Reason site, that for smaller figures, 1″ by 2″ bases are recommended. I have some 25mm by 50mm bases, left over from Blitzkrieg Commander figs, that will do the job nicely. So here are some pics: one based two strips wide and one with 3 strips on it.

Two Strips
Three Stips

I think what this is showing me is that I will have to meet somewhere in the middle. How about 9 figs per row for a base?


There we are, Perfect! And it even satisfies my desire for symetry with three musketeers (heh, heh) on either side of the command figs. Here are some pictures of two bases in the various formations they will assume on the table. I think you can already start to see the advantages that 6mm brings to the table just by seeing two bases together. Please keep in mind that it shouldn’t take any time at all to paint up two bases once I have decided on a sound painting procedure. I plan to paint half a package, 12 strips, at a time to begin with. Perhaps 24 at a time when I get rolling.

6mm = Large, quickly painted armies.


Now, on to the painting then. I am a fan of using tongue depressors (referred to from here on out as “sticks”) to mount the figures on. So, as these are my first figs, I will only put three strips of figures on a stick. I many increase this but for now three is plenty. I also will be only painting strips of musketeers and no command stands in this first batch. I will need some time with painting references before I tackle command strips. I use Elmer’s glue (white glue to you continentals) to fix them to the sticks, only a little though. Then stick ’em on and let ’em sit.

The next thing that I do is use blue-tac (that stuff that sticks things to the wall) to fix the sticks to old spray paint caps. I do this so I can hold the figures and get in all the undercuts without having black fingers all the time. I prime with plain, old Walmart Color Place 99¢ flat black spray paint. It has treated me better than some of the “modeling” spray paints in the past. Short, quick bursts.

Stick 'em
Ready To Paint
Next up, Paint...

Well, they should be ready to go whenever I am next able to find the time to paint. Hopefully, Thursday or Friday, I’ll let you know how it went. I am hoping the references come through by then so I can start to discuss those as well.

Just a quick note, I now use different colors for base coats, depending on the color of the troops.  Troops with white pants get a white primer.