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Fall in New England and 6mm Trees

It’s fall in New England and the trees are starting to change. It’s my favorite time of year, I suffer through summer just to get to fall. The main battles of the Saratoga Campaign happened around this time of year, with Freeman’s Farm on Sept 19th and Bemis Heights on Oct 4th. I finally got […]

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Boer Wars/VSF Through the Mud and the Blood Test Models

I have been trying to find a good set of rules for the Boer Wars for years. I looked for so long that I finally gave up. For about the past year I have been interested in finding a passable skirmish game that I might like. See, I have been painting so many strips of […]

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3 Squadrons of SYW Cavalry

About three years ago I started a SYW project to go with the Might & Reason rules.  I didn’t know a thing about the war or the combatants and used it as a springboard into serious historical war gaming and actual research on a period.  I have taken a few detours (like painting 2600 AWI […]

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Slapping On the First Bits of Paint

Originally Posted Friday , April 13, 2007 Now, on with the painting. I am working from internet sources linked to from this site, but they seem pretty reliable. I have decided to do a rather generic, simple scheme for my first Prussian stands. White, blue, and red. Keep it simple and just get on with […]

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