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3 Squadrons of SYW Cavalry

About three years ago I started a SYW project to go with the Might & Reason rules.  I didn’t know a thing about the war or the combatants and used it as a springboard into serious historical war gaming and actual research on a period.  I have taken a few detours (like painting 2600 AWI troops) along the way, but it’s been fun.  Along the way I set Lobositz and Kolin as the two battles I wanted to be able to game as a goal.

I am now ONE UNIT away from completing my goal of having the forces ready.   I thought it was time to show the troops off a little.   The following gallery shows 30 units of Cavalry ready to go.  When I looked at them, I found I had very round numbers of these units, twenty units of dragoons/curassiers and ten units of Hussars.  I use 14 troopers to a unit and 10 units is 140 men, almost a full squadron on paper, and certainly as much as anyone had in the saddle in an engagement.  So I lined them up in three rows and took some pictures.  The third row consists of my Hussars and I only use 10 troops to a unit for the lights, so they would be a little light, but let’s not split hairs.

I think seeing large numbers of models in units like this really helps you to imagine the spectacle that would have been warfare in the mid 18th century.  This is a single 400 man unit, there would have been many battles with 12,000+ cavalry men per side.

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