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Beginning to Paint Prussians

Originally Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I haven’t had a lot to show on the web for the past few days, but I was working hard on the second round of figures. I decided to try a different uniform scheme for this batch as the Prussians have a great many variations of the standard uniform, if there is a standard.

For the second unit I used a shade of yellow for the breaches, cuffs, and hat lace. I really like the effect, as can be seen here:

I painted three sticks this time, as opposed to the two that I painted in the first batch, and I feel it took about the same amount of time. The actual applying of the paint doesn’t really seem to take that long. So I will increase the number of sticks that I paint in a batch until I feel I have reached the most efficient number.

I now have 15 strips painted and the 6mm effect is quickly becoming evident to me, even if I wasn’t previously sold. Here are a couple of pictures showing the mass of figures to the best of my cameras ability.

Over all I am very happy with the way that things are turning out. I wish that some of my books would come in though. I have jumped in with both feet, with very little knowledge of the period. I am hoping that some reading about the forces and time will help me to add the little things that really bring a force to life.

Next up on the blocks are the command strips and artillery.


Painting has been delayed by my lack of … paper clips? The flag staffs on the command strips don’t seem very robust, simply a limitation of the medium. I plan to replace them with paper clips, which I need to acquire first. (they are in my pocket as I type this!) I read of someone doing this, and it makes a lot of sense to me. The bummer is that it has set me back from completing a stand for another two weeks. I’m on vacation with the family for a week starting Friday, then I have to modify them, prime, paint, and base. (I no longer do this as the newer models don’t need this at all)


I purchased the Prussian Artillery from Baccus6mm, but it only comes with the gun and four crew. The bases for M&R are only 25mm wide and that will only fit one gun across. So I need something to fill up the rest of the base. I asked on the Baccus6mm forum and Peter wrote that the War of Spanish Succession limbers would work. So I put them in my next order, but I will go ahead and paint the guns and crew now. These are learning experiences.

Here are a couple of pics of the next victims:


One of the great things about gaming and modeling in WW2 is that you have access to more information that you could read in a lifetime. Not so with the SYW, and even less so if you don’t read German! Many great online plates are in German, so the best us English speakers can hope fore is a good guess at the nuances of the descriptions.

I used to frequent the Battlefront Flames of War forums quite regularly, they have an AMAZING gallery section on their forum where beautiful pictures are constantly displayed and paint color and technique are discussed with the artists. This is an amazing model that needs to be copied by anyone wanting to promote a game, period or model range. I tried to suggest this to Baccus6mm forum, what a great tool to make this happen, but they have decided to have a Photo Album linked to their site. This photo album requires a log in, and as far as I can tell is buggy as hell. I have registered and tried repeatable to get in, but haven’t managed and have yet to see the pictures. I bet they are amazing, but I might never know. Pictures of your products looking their best should be as accessible as possible. Great looking pictures where you could find out how the artist made them would draw people from other scales and create an accessible community. As it is right now, I think the only thing missing from the forum is a tumbleweed that blows by when you open the page. Granted, Peter Berry is very good at answering your questions himself if you post there. (The photo album has since changed, but still no tags or anything useful to find pictures you are interested in.)

Other places like the MightAndReason Yahoo group have photos as well, but they are few and far between. This is most likely as the rules are so new, but it has been my experience that the Yahoo groups rarely collect a great number of good photos.

I feel I must complement the quality of the Baccus SYW castings and figures again. I am truely amazed by the size and detail involved and to keep this level of sculpting up is great. I am very happy to be able to own and paint these figures. Some of the other ranges from Baccus are in bad need of upgrading, but I’ll save that for another day. (Upgrades are happening at quite a pace and many of the oldest lines are already done now!)

The initial expense of starting a new scale and period is quite high as well. I have no regular group to borrow books or receive painting or ordering advice from. I have to make all the purchases and mistakes myself, but hey, that keeps it interesting.

I must also mention The Miniatures Page (TMP) again. I can not say how much advice I have been gleaming from these 18th Century message boards. They have been incredibly helpful and incredibly knowledgeable.

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