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6mm Steam Tanks

I have had these little guys sitting around for a while now as I’m not big on conversions. I finally finished my SYW project and have had enough of re-basing, and am waiting to get my game table put up due to a mess in the way. I don’t think I could avoid it any longer. It’s time to see what happens with one of my first conversions.

Steam Tank
I bought these little Tankettes from Tobsenn77, I had been wanting to buy something for a while from them. I still have my eye on the Bismatron! The site is beautiful, if not a little hard to order from. Take the time, it’s worth it!! The models are great and really well done. I think the tankettes are supposed tiny remote control tanks for 28mm as that is what most of the models seem to be on the site, but they work great as regular 6mm tanks as well. While very basic and with plenty of rivets, they still need a little help to enter the VSF world. I thought I would pop a few steam stacks on them and they’d be good to go.

Truely Amazing Magnates
I needed to purchase a few things first. When I received the tankettes, one of them had the turret and body equipped with rare earth magnets, so the turret would turn. I liked this idea and finally ordered some from Amazing Magnates. I found some 3.18mm across and just over 1mm wide. Fantastic little things. I used a 1/8th inch drill bit to carve a bit out of the two sides and super-glued the magnates in. Make sure you know which side is positive and negative before you apply the superglue! I’ll make sure I get it right every time from now on, it’s not a big deal if you have more than one tank your working with.

Brass Pipe
Next up is the steam stack. I went to the local toy and hobby store (mostly toy, VERY LITTLE hobby) and found some brass pipes next to the model railroad stuff. Amazingly enough the stuff I bought was 3.18mm wide, so I could use the same drill bit to put two holes in the hull of the tanks. Getting them to chop up nicely is something I’m still working on. I’m not happy with the smoothness of the cuts, but it will have to do. If anyone has any ideas on how to get nice smooth cuts, I’d love to know. One tall stack and one short stack, and I’m finished.

I think it turned out rather well, now if I can only decide how to paint them, I’ll be happy. I have three more that I will start when these are finished.

2 thoughts on “6mm Steam Tanks

  1. Hey,

    I’ve been following your VSF project for a couple of weeks now, any chance of a picture with some 6mm models for scale with that Tobsen tank? Also which models did you use for Martians paint scheme test? they looked absolutely fantastic.

    You can find my VSF blog over at


    1. I will post some pictures of the Tobsen tanks with 6mm models when they are painted some time next week.

      The Martians are from the Baccus FPW range, they are skirmishing Bavarians. I really like how they turned out, great models.

      I’ve been watching your blog since you got a mention on WWS, I look forward to the updates.

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