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…or Steam Powered Mechanical Troops

I’ve been wanting to do these guys for a long, long time. I bought them many months ago, but struggled over how to paint them for a long time. Almost as much as I struggled over what to name them. I started a thread on TMP to get some ideas, and got some great results. I decided to combine one of the ideas with a little of mine and came up with Dampf-angetriebene mechanische Truppen= DampfmechTruppen. It’s German for Steam Powered Mechanical Troops, but with some WW2ish naming conventions.

I started with some Prussians from the Baccus Franco Prussian War range. I primed them black and just gave them all a heavy dry brush with Vallejo Brass. Then just painted the rifle as normal. I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think.

One thought on “DampfmechTruppen

  1. They look absolutely fantastic, I’ve been looking around for a suitable model for something similar, but I really wanted something a little taller to distinguish them from the normal troops. Having seen these I’m thinking it may not be necessary, might have to do a test model or two…


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