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Making an Easy to Setup Field

I was organizing the table the other day and noticed that setting up a simple field could be tedious. I thought I would try my hand at making a self-contained field that I could easily flip on the table and go with.

I started with a bog standard clip board.

  • Cut off the clip
  • Spray paint it brown
  • I cut a piece of corduroy to size. Leaving about an inch on all sides.
  • I used spray adhesive to spay the painted clipboard and carefully laid the corduroy in place
  • When dry, I “painted” a glue-water mixture on the edges and added sand on top for texture.
  • Paint the sand brown
  • Add the split rail fencing
  • Paint on glue-water mixture, sprinkle on static grass
  • Final coat of Krylon Matte
  • Sounds like a lot, but each step goes really fast and I did it in between painting other things. I think I’d like about four of these to sling on the table at a moments notice.

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