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Natal Mounted Police in 6mm

Natal Mounted Police or Martian Mounted Police

I have wanted to paint this unit for some time, and after finding the Through the Mud and the Blood rules by Toofatlardies, I felt I finally found a rule set that would justify painting them. They will do double duty in Africa and on Mars.

These lads are my first mounted troops for a skirmish game and I wondered how to base them. I started looking into unit sizes, it appears that Brit cavalry in the First Boer War mainly operated in “Troops”, but I couldn’t find a break down of the Regiments to see how big a troop is. But in the Zulu war, only 1-2 years earlier, a troop was 120 men. This wasn’t a big help, but I figured that about four of my groups would equal a troop.

I’m using 30mm round bases for the infantry with 4 guys on a base. I thought about two different options for the mounted troops first:

  1. 4 troopers on a 40mm base
  2. 2 troopers on a 30mm base, like the command/big man bases I use

After looking at them both, I decided on a third option, 3 troopers on a 30mm base. This gives them more “mass” than the sparser basing. I’m not sure how many bases to use to represent them when they are dismounted, but I’ve got time to think about it. I can’t wait to paint the dismounted troops though, as you can’t really beat black and white uniforms can you?

Speaking of black uniforms, I used Vallejo German Grey for the uniforms so they weren’t pitch black. You are usually recommended by those in the know to use a lighter shade for small figures, and they certainly look black but you can still see a bit of detail up close.

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  1. Hi.
    Fascinating site.

    It is a small world, I have a website using Canvas and am experienceing the same problem you had with ‘older enries’. I will try the disable/enable routine this evening and hopefully it works. When I say small world, I refer to this post about the Natal Mounted Police, I live in Natal (KwaZulu Natal) and the website with the page 2 problem is about the Midlands, so thanks for your question on the forum.

    1. Thanks for the comment Peter! Your little corner of the world is a source of fascination for many in the UK and USA as far as military history goes. Good luck with the website fix.

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