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Prussian Steam Robots?

I have been wanting to try these guys since I first saw something similar on Rot and Drivel. It has just taken me a while as I wanted to finish my SYW armies before experimenting. The time has come for experimenting.

These are a little off from my usual track as they have no basis in history. They are test models for my steam robots for my Victorian Science Fiction units. I have seen them under various names such as Klankentruppen, and Clockwork Troops (but I like Uhrwerk-Truppen better). But I’m still looking for a great name for them.

The guy front left has been dry brushed copper and the other three were just painted copper. I think I will go with the dry brushing for the future models. I thought it would be too dark, but it s ok and allows for more detail to show through.

The Toofatlardies rules allow for hits on a unit to be either shock or casualties. I figure, this unit will not take shock and therefor disregard all hits that cause shock, making them much more resilient. I figure to balance this out I can do a few things.

  • Small units(10-12 is a typical unit size, so more like 6 for these guys)
  • Make the player declare what the unit is going to do a turn before, making them inflexible and keeping in character
  • Allow them to only fire at extremely short range and make them hand-to-hand monsters

Let me know which you think is a good option or a brand new idea if you like!

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