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Flag Bearer Conversion

The British troops last carried a standard into battle at Laing’s Nek, and therefore the Baccus range doesn’t have any colonial Brits with flags. I like flags with my troops dammit, and my Brits will be carrying one on Mars. So, I took a marching pose trooper and cut off the rifle, drilled out (with […]

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Might and Reason Commanders

One of the things about playing Might and Reason is that each commander has a slightly different rating. This needs to be marked on each one in some way. I have played around with many different ways of doing this and nothing beats plain old English, unless you don’t speak it of course. So I […]

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6mm PaperTerrain

I have been a big fan of PaperTerrain for a long while. I have built a large number of 15mm buildings and recently really gotten into building more terrain for my 6mm stuff. Building are the next thing to be addressed for my table. I acquired some European town and Ste. Mere Eglise Church (of […]

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Finished Steam Tanks

I finally finished the steam tanks.  I hemmed and hawed about what color to paint them for a while.  I’m not at all happy with the color, but here they are.   I’ve also made sure they have some 6mm figs in there for scale.

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Getting Ready for Lobositz

I have been painting 6mm Seven Years War figures for a number of years now and recently reached my goal of having enough troops painted to play the Might and Reason scenarios of Lobositz and Kolin. The next order of business was building the terrain so I could recreate those two battles. I think I’ve […]

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Adler 6mm Nappoleonics

I have painted a lot of Baccus figures in the past few years, I mean A LOT. I’m sure there are some who have painted more than me, but I know I’ve just about hit saturation with them for the moment. The figures mostly come in one pose, standing at attention. Some codes have a […]

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Big Robots and Little Men

I really wanted some big fantastical robots for my VSF project. They will really fill the role of tanks for the Prussians, but finding something appropriate in 6mm is NOT easy. I have toyed with making my own for some time, but I’m not really good at that. So, after about a year of looking, […]

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