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Flag Bearer Conversion

The British troops last carried a standard into battle at Laing’s Nek, and therefore the Baccus range doesn’t have any colonial Brits with flags. I like flags with my troops dammit, and my Brits will be carrying one on Mars.

So, I took a marching pose trooper and cut off the rifle, drilled out (with a dremmel) what I couldn’t cut and placed a straightened paper clip in it’s place. I was also careful to drill a spot in the base to stick the paper clip for added stability.

Then I created my own little standard for a unit on the Martian Establishment, by replacing the ring of thistles with Mars in the center. I also used the regimental colors for a unit with red, white or black facings and put the large St. George’s Cross on it, but with a green field.

As the stand will really serve as a musician in Toofatlardies rules, I also added a bugler to the stand.

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Might and Reason Commanders

One of the things about playing Might and Reason is that each commander has a slightly different rating. This needs to be marked on each one in some way. I have played around with many different ways of doing this and nothing beats plain old English, unless you don’t speak it of course.

So I created these little unit tags from the scenario write-ups. I only changed them by moving the name up top to save space. Previously it was all one line and that was too long.

I drill a small hole on each base I make, line bases to command base, to allow me to do some very versatile things with them. It allows me to make bases very easily using shortened tooth picks.

Here’s how the commanders will be marked. I’d like to hear and suggestions or comments. (Yes I know they are Austrian tags on Prussian commanders, it’s what was handy when I had the camera.)

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6mm PaperTerrain

I have been a big fan of PaperTerrain for a long while. I have built a large number of 15mm buildings and recently really gotten into building more terrain for my 6mm stuff. Building are the next thing to be addressed for my table.

I acquired some European town and Ste. Mere Eglise Church (of WW2 fame) sets to feature in my VSF, AWI and SYW games. I’m not really too particular about making it as versatile as possible. I find that the first few buildings come out pretty slow, but my speed increased dramatically as I built a few more. Now, they are very quick to pop together and I think the effect, bang for buck, is incredible.

I built these in an evening when I was away at a conference. I then mounted the little ones on a 60mm square base and the large church on a chopped up clipboard. Here’s the process from there:

  • Put down a layer of glue, stick the destroyed building to the base.
  • Waited for it to dry.
  • Put a glue and water layer over the rest of the base, then sprinkled sand to stick.
  • Then I painted a layer of brown earth tone paint over the sand. I use CHEAP hobby stuff from Joanne Fabrics and add water to thin it. I find that it is eagerly soaked up by the sand so thin is fine.
  • Then again with a layer of glue and water, then sprinkle on static grass.
  • Spray multiple times with matte sealer and your done

I think the results are great, here judge for yourself. At gaming distance, these are real gems.

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Getting Ready for Lobositz

I have been painting 6mm Seven Years War figures for a number of years now and recently reached my goal of having enough troops painted to play the Might and Reason scenarios of Lobositz and Kolin. The next order of business was building the terrain so I could recreate those two battles. I think I’ve finally got the terrain ready for the games as well.

Here is my table ready to host a Lobositz game.

I have been slowly creating the hills, forests and towns over the past few months. The rivers and trees are recent acquisitions, but I really like them. They are a bit large for 6mm, but I wanted to be able to see them and fit a unit on it in column. The things we have to fudge to meld accuracy and gamability.

I have also included a few shots of the Austrian left to give some idea of what the battle holds.

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Adler 6mm Nappoleonics

I have painted a lot of Baccus figures in the past few years, I mean A LOT. I’m sure there are some who have painted more than me, but I know I’ve just about hit saturation with them for the moment. The figures mostly come in one pose, standing at attention. Some codes have a skirmishing version available, but they are few and far between. I have tried to use these to the best of my ability and have tried to be extremely creative when I could. But, in the end, I would like to try putting more variety on the table, and this led me to look at other ranges. The most obvious choice is Adler.

I have also wanted to get into Napoleonics for some time now, but I have ordered some of the Baccus figs and didn’t like them. Most were tired looking or a bit blobby. I think they were one of the earlier efforts. The line is being redone, but it will take years to complete it and the French are on the list last?! Why you would do the French last as everyone will need them to play is a mystery to me and I have posted it on his site before, so I won’t belabor it here. Once again, the most obvious alternative is Adler.

Now, Adler stands out in my mind for two reasons.

  1. Beautiful figures
  2. Horrible Website

I have seen them on many different blogs, and they look fantastic. I have been many times to their website and it’s a MESS, I mean I tried to order from them at least three times and gave up due to the confusing and round about way you have to order. I downloaded a spreadsheet to fill out? I couldn’t see what I was really ordering. Overall the process was terrible, but that’s what you have to do to get their product.

Once they arrived, I was instantly pleased with them. They have great faces!! The proportions are really great and they painted up SUPER easy. The euphoria lasted until I began to base them. Adler figs come four to a base like Baccus, but they are spread out enough that you can’t just plop the strip on a base and glue it down. They have to be cut up and then glued individually, not a deal breaker yet, but close. I tried to glue them down and the bases were at an angle that they wouldn’t stand up, so I had to buy a tackier glue and it still was a MAJOR headache. In fact it was the deal breaker for me. The whole process was entirely too fidly and that’s a shame.

After basing them up, I have since found them to be too easily bent and can’t imagine them standing up to play on the table. I might be entirely wrong, but these are my opinions. There are many Adler fans out there and to his credit the figures are fine, just not my cup of tea.

I think what I learned from this is that my next stop in gaming manufacturer will Magister Militum. I really love their 10mm style and dig the cartoony look of the figures. Once again, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it will be mine.

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Big Robots and Little Men

I really wanted some big fantastical robots for my VSF project. They will really fill the role of tanks for the Prussians, but finding something appropriate in 6mm is NOT easy. I have toyed with making my own for some time, but I’m not really good at that. So, after about a year of looking, I think I found my robot.

I saw the Maximilian model on the Tobsen77 site and really thought it looked perfect for my vision of VSF. I didn’t know how big it really was but I thought I’d just order one and see, as I was ordering the tanks anyway. When it arrived, it looked like this. It came in a bag full of pieces, I went to the Tobsen77 website to see how it fit together. I took a little bit of looking, but I figured it out.

I was really intimidated by having to cut off the tags on each piece. I had never worked with resin before, but after starting, it was quite easy. I bought a small hand saw after email Tobsen77 about how to remove it, and I have a small round file around for flash anyway. Between the two I was able to cut off the tabs and smooth it out very easily. Here is the before and after.

I started gluing it together and I liked it more and more as it took shape. I must be getting a little carried away with the rare earth magnates, as I drilled holes and added two so the top of the robot swivels. All in all, it took a little time and effort to construct the final Maximillian, but I like the end result. I may add another at some future order from Tobsen77, there will definitely be more orders.

Here are the final pics before he goes to painting, and some perspective pics of the model next to a stand of infantry. I have already had one mishap with the figure. The arm joints are very small and dainty, I was worried about them once I had glued them. If there is a weak point on the model it’s the elbows. I went to put it on the paint shelf and dropped Max on a concrete floor, breaking the gun elbow. I drilled a hole in the gun and the arm and with a small bent copper pipe, replaced it. It’s not quite as snazzy, but it’s not in an obvious place. I’ll show it in the next set of pictures.


I had to add a little note that it might be a while before the finished product is seen on this one. I don’t normally drop things I’m working on and when I do it’s no big deal. I usually pick them up and maybe bend it back into place a little. I seem to have dropped this model twice and both times suffered huge damage. The first time I broke one arm, that I replaced with a bit of copper tube. The second time I broke both arms and lost one of them, never to be found. That really sucks. I have to figure something out for that arm and until I do, I can’t finish it. Here’s what he looks like now. It’s a great model, but perhaps a little to delicate for gaming?