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6mm PaperTerrain

I have been a big fan of PaperTerrain for a long while. I have built a large number of 15mm buildings and recently really gotten into building more terrain for my 6mm stuff. Building are the next thing to be addressed for my table.

I acquired some European town and Ste. Mere Eglise Church (of WW2 fame) sets to feature in my VSF, AWI and SYW games. I’m not really too particular about making it as versatile as possible. I find that the first few buildings come out pretty slow, but my speed increased dramatically as I built a few more. Now, they are very quick to pop together and I think the effect, bang for buck, is incredible.

I built these in an evening when I was away at a conference. I then mounted the little ones on a 60mm square base and the large church on a chopped up clipboard. Here’s the process from there:

  • Put down a layer of glue, stick the destroyed building to the base.
  • Waited for it to dry.
  • Put a glue and water layer over the rest of the base, then sprinkled sand to stick.
  • Then I painted a layer of brown earth tone paint over the sand. I use CHEAP hobby stuff from Joanne Fabrics and add water to thin it. I find that it is eagerly soaked up by the sand so thin is fine.
  • Then again with a layer of glue and water, then sprinkle on static grass.
  • Spray multiple times with matte sealer and your done

I think the results are great, here judge for yourself. At gaming distance, these are real gems.

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