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Adler 6mm Nappoleonics

I have painted a lot of Baccus figures in the past few years, I mean A LOT. I’m sure there are some who have painted more than me, but I know I’ve just about hit saturation with them for the moment. The figures mostly come in one pose, standing at attention. Some codes have a skirmishing version available, but they are few and far between. I have tried to use these to the best of my ability and have tried to be extremely creative when I could. But, in the end, I would like to try putting more variety on the table, and this led me to look at other ranges. The most obvious choice is Adler.

I have also wanted to get into Napoleonics for some time now, but I have ordered some of the Baccus figs and didn’t like them. Most were tired looking or a bit blobby. I think they were one of the earlier efforts. The line is being redone, but it will take years to complete it and the French are on the list last?! Why you would do the French last as everyone will need them to play is a mystery to me and I have posted it on his site before, so I won’t belabor it here. Once again, the most obvious alternative is Adler.

Now, Adler stands out in my mind for two reasons.

  1. Beautiful figures
  2. Horrible Website

I have seen them on many different blogs, and they look fantastic. I have been many times to their website and it’s a MESS, I mean I tried to order from them at least three times and gave up due to the confusing and round about way you have to order. I downloaded a spreadsheet to fill out? I couldn’t see what I was really ordering. Overall the process was terrible, but that’s what you have to do to get their product.

Once they arrived, I was instantly pleased with them. They have great faces!! The proportions are really great and they painted up SUPER easy. The euphoria lasted until I began to base them. Adler figs come four to a base like Baccus, but they are spread out enough that you can’t just plop the strip on a base and glue it down. They have to be cut up and then glued individually, not a deal breaker yet, but close. I tried to glue them down and the bases were at an angle that they wouldn’t stand up, so I had to buy a tackier glue and it still was a MAJOR headache. In fact it was the deal breaker for me. The whole process was entirely too fidly and that’s a shame.

After basing them up, I have since found them to be too easily bent and can’t imagine them standing up to play on the table. I might be entirely wrong, but these are my opinions. There are many Adler fans out there and to his credit the figures are fine, just not my cup of tea.

I think what I learned from this is that my next stop in gaming manufacturer will Magister Militum. I really love their 10mm style and dig the cartoony look of the figures. Once again, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it will be mine.

4 thoughts on “Adler 6mm Nappoleonics

  1. I like the Adler figures, there is just enough detail to challenge you, yet if you’re lazy, you can ignore it. I mount 10 infantry to a 40mmx20mm base and 6 horse to a 40x25mm base. I clip the foot figures into two’s (the 4 figure strip in half) and glue them down with little trouble (using white glue), same with the horse. The latter are a bit wobbly so I prop them up with paint bottles till dry. The bases I use are fairly thick (1/8″?) illustration board and as the figures themselves are weightless I have found no problems in gently lifting them with fingers on the base and bayonets.

    For what it’s worth……

    1. I think they are rocking figures with a lot of personality. I realize they have lots of really big fans so they must be doing something right, it’s just that they aren’t for me. I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t make them work, but I really can’t see them standing up to the punishment that I would dish out during play and storage.

  2. I have had my first go at nappys over the last 12 months after years of 15mm ancients. I chose 6mm as the ground scales just “looks right to me”. I was also v. Disappointed with the general quality of the Baccus nap minis and turned to Adler and as you say they are stunning little sculpts that paint up beautifully. I agree the spacing on strips and irregular (and often thick)bases are a pain – but to me it’s worth it. I play with the standard 60 x 30 polemos bases which take 24 foot or 9 cav. I use PGA and put on two lines for each line of 12 figs and leave it 15mins so it goes tacky and blobby then position figs – this means they stay in place. Once the glue is dry I put on another coat and cover with fine sand then paint highlight and add veg. It’s quick and looks pretty good. Just bought some of the new Baccus Brits which are Betty
    Er sculpts but still not even close to Adler.

  3. Try using pva glue but put it on the base in blobs or lines and leave for 15 mins to go tacky before positioning figs

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