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Flag Bearer Conversion

The British troops last carried a standard into battle at Laing’s Nek, and therefore the Baccus range doesn’t have any colonial Brits with flags. I like flags with my troops dammit, and my Brits will be carrying one on Mars.

So, I took a marching pose trooper and cut off the rifle, drilled out (with a dremmel) what I couldn’t cut and placed a straightened paper clip in it’s place. I was also careful to drill a spot in the base to stick the paper clip for added stability.

Then I created my own little standard for a unit on the Martian Establishment, by replacing the ring of thistles with Mars in the center. I also used the regimental colors for a unit with red, white or black facings and put the large St. George’s Cross on it, but with a green field.

As the stand will really serve as a musician in Toofatlardies rules, I also added a bugler to the stand.

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