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Might and Reason Commanders

One of the things about playing Might and Reason is that each commander has a slightly different rating. This needs to be marked on each one in some way. I have played around with many different ways of doing this and nothing beats plain old English, unless you don’t speak it of course.

So I created these little unit tags from the scenario write-ups. I only changed them by moving the name up top to save space. Previously it was all one line and that was too long.

I drill a small hole on each base I make, line bases to command base, to allow me to do some very versatile things with them. It allows me to make bases very easily using shortened tooth picks.

Here’s how the commanders will be marked. I’d like to hear and suggestions or comments. (Yes I know they are Austrian tags on Prussian commanders, it’s what was handy when I had the camera.)

2 thoughts on “Might and Reason Commanders

  1. And when they are not needed on the field, they can be used for adverts – a little Baccus logo on the stick or “This space for hire”. You may even be able to get sponsorship.

    1. Great Idea!! Now all I need is a company targeting SYW enthusiasts.

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