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Miliciens and More Experiments with Washes

I started to paint a few of my Canadian Militia last week and finished them up today. I am relatively happy with the way they turned out, but not as happy with the way my Mohawks turned out. I’m experimenting with washes to help give some depth to my painting. The Mohawks are the product […]

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Further Canoe Progress

I’ve had a bit more time to work on the canoe. This time instead of using sand paper, I went whole hog and broke out the dremmel tool. I threw out a lot of dust, but was able to work on it at a much faster pace. I really like where it’s at right now, […]

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A Few Minutes Work

I had a few minutes while my wife was in the shower to try shaping the canoe. It went pretty well, I’m loping forward to getting some more time soon. After looking at my reference, I think I will have to try and put more of a point on the end, it’s definately a canoe […]

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New Project: VSF vs. Alien Invasion with Zombie Rules

I’ve been waiting a long time for a package to arrive recently and that has brought a long time reading message boards/blogs and surfing miniature companies. This has lead me to expand the number of sources that I read on a regular basis. One of the new additions to the daily check is the Lead […]

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Make My Own Canoe!? Sure…

When I made the decision to leave 6mm behind and try something different, my main motivation was creating something with personality. Individuals and places rather than troops and battlefields. One of my main inspirations has come from a poster on the Lead Adventures forum, Silent Invader. I have seen what he has created and painted […]

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Keeping Busy

I ordered a large shipment of toys long before Christmas, but the weather has conspired against me. I still wait for the new stuff to arrive. I have wiled away the days reading about the French and Indian War. I have ordered six books on the subject ranging from general history of the war to […]

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Mohawks 1

I’ve been showing my progress on these guys for a few posts now. Can I Call It a War Party? The Mohawks Have Landed Well, they’re finally finished and I’m damned happy with the results. One of the toughest parts for me is picking out the right colors to use, not necessarily paint shades but […]

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