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Further Canoe Progress

I’ve had a bit more time to work on the canoe. This time instead of using sand paper, I went whole hog and broke out the dremmel tool. I threw out a lot of dust, but was able to work on it at a much faster pace.

I really like where it’s at right now, I have only some minor smoothing to do and it’s ready for some green stuff to be added for the details. This will finally make it look like a canoe I hope. A few seems in the right places.

I will say that the amount of dust I threw up while caving this scared me a little. I wore a mask for the most part, but still had while nostrils when finished. Who the hell knows what kind of stuff you are throwing around when sanding plumbers epoxy? This has lead me to look into creating a dust catcher. Once upon a time (after two years of schooling) I was a dental technician for about 60 days. But we did use a lot of equipment that is used in model making as we were custom sculpting and casting tiny teeth. One of the pieces of equipment that I will next try to create is a dust collector. Basically a vacuum with a head that sits right next to the dremmel and sucks in all the dust. I have an old vacuum cleaner in the basement that should do the trick.

Anyway, here’s where we are at.

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